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Etna Cat TNR Program

The Etna feline spay and neuter event will be held March 28 & 29. This will be a two-day event with the collaboration efforts of the Essex Veterinary,  Purr-Angels, SNIP of Siskiyou County, Etna Police Dept. and volunteers near and far. The Etna City Council, understands the importance of getting control over the community cat population. This event is also a great opportunity to educate our residents about the importance of reducing the feral cat population in Etna. Any monies donated to address the feral cat population is appreciated . Since funds will be limited, they ask that individuals with owned cats pay the costs of their cat surgeries if possible. If anyone would like to donate to this great event, they can do so directly to the Essex Givens Fund or the City of Etna. The order in which we spay/neuter will be dependent upon the cats trapped by the PurrAngels team then owned cats. If you would like to reserve a slot for your furry critters, please respond via text or call Kelly York with Etna PD 530-598-3752. You may also call the police department at 530-467-3400 for further information. All planning aspects are now underway, if you wish to volunteer please let us know. We like to feed the crew throughout the day, we have laundry that needs done every few hours, and lots of “behind the scenes” organizing, cleaning, and fun to be had by. We will be updating the community as further information becomes available.

Thank you, 

City of Etna & Essex Veterinary Services